Well.....I'll tell you! One minute your @ Outback eating a chicken ceasar salad with your fam that you've been craving all day, 6 hours later your getting up every hour on the hour to use the "restroom"!!! I missed sat. of work not to mention was suppose to SPEAK IN CHURCH today and had to call the Bishop and explain how i can't be more then 5 steps from the bathroom! how embarrasing! Can't a pregnant girl catch a break! Do you think Willie our my mom got sick??? NOPE!


Kim said...

Oh you poor thing. That really sucks. I hope that you are feeling better.

Katie said...

Oh man I feel for ya! I had food poisoning back in Nov. and Chris was out of town and I thought I was going to die! Nice you got out of speaking in church though!!!

Chunky Monkey said...

Oh my goodness!Did you know that they use raw eggs in ceasar salad dressing at restaraunts?Like outback?and texas roadhouse.I was told that when I was prego with Tatum cause I was gonna order it and Allie and Matt said there was raw eggs in it and that preggos are not supposed to eat that.Sorry you had to find that out the hard way!!!Some people don't get it but some do.Sooooooo Sorry!hope you feel better soon!