so.... lisa (Eager) and i were talking @ work the other day about our husbands and the different intrests and hobbies they have. Love them to death but we couldn't help having a little resentment towards them for leaving us to go on "guy's only" activities (hunting etc.)! I know for a fact they would be more then happy to have us along, however those activities are not really our cup of tea. So we were thinking well what if we took a "girl's only" trip or had some kind of monthly get together!?
There are so many cute girl's in this big group of family & friends there is no reason we can't have a trip equivalent to our husbands getting together and spending a weekend at an archery shoot etc. I don't want to be misunderstood....I LOVE MY HUSBAND! I just think that we all focus on all the needs in our lives and familys...jobs...kids... and don't take enough time for ourselves!

some of our thoughts were trips to rocky point. My parents have a great 3 bedroom condo @ las palomas, along with a couple of other of my family members, and i know other's have connection's as well. The sonoran spa has amazing pedicure's for under $30 and i've heard the massages are fantastic! some others ideas being...

  • bunco group
  • book group
  • hiking group
  • (we already all blog so that doesn't count!)

If anyone has some good ideas...let's have em'!


Katie said...

I'm all for it! I just got back from a "girls only" trip so I doubt I'd be able to go to rocky point anytime soon, UNLESS I do some favors or something;)
I sub for Kim's Bunco group sometimes and I love it! It would be fun to put a group together of our own. Kim said she might even be able to swing being apart of 2 groups if Ben doesn't mind.
Anyway, count me in! I'm a girl who needs and loves girl's night out and trips!

The Adamsons said...

i agree. there should definitely be more girls trips. we could use some pampering!

Kim said...

I there! Like Katie said I might be able to have 2 bunco groups. I was with Katie for the girls only trip so that won't be happening soon for me. Well Ben is leaving next month for a guys only trip so maybe I can pull one off sooner then I think. Let me know what you decide and I hope that I will be able to come along.

AZHuntfam said...

Cam, I love the idea, but I'm po' right now. :) babies such the money right outa ya! So if there's anything really cheap, I would love to go along! :)

Kim & Max Willis family said...

okay! i am totally in on the rocky point trip! NO MEN ALLOWED!!!! don't even think about planning a trip with out me!! serious!!

Byron & Sommer Hendershott said...

Umm... This is a Fabulous Idea! I like the way you guys think. I have ALWAYS thought that guys do way more guy activities than girls! We really should do something about this and get together like once a month even and do icecream, a movie, bunko, hiking, or even pedicures at someones house. Let me know if you need help with any thing- because I am all for this brilliant Idea!

Byron & Sommer Hendershott said...

disregard one of my comments- I didn't mean to post 2! Oopps! :-(