Poor Chaser!

chase had an injury during a tackle @ football camp! snapped his arm clean in half right below the shoulder.... he had a 3 hour surgery and has a rod down the center of his bone from the shoulder to the elbow. so much for his football season!


Katie said...

OUCH!!! He must be on drugs since he's smiling!

Melissa said...

hey camie ya i loved being in mexico. and thanks for making it fun for me. the drive home was a blast, tell db to watch out. LOL but i liked the cloths and the jewlery. see ya soon. loves!!! hi will your such a stud. LOL ok cam umm what do you think i should do with my hair for the wedding? i might want you to help me if you dont mind. ok i'll let you go talk to you later. LOVE YA!

Melissa said...

hey camie yes i had a blast in mexico im going to miss that. and the drive home was so much fun. tell db to watch out LOL. will you make me giggle. hey cam i need to know what i should do with my hair for the wedding. and would you mind helping me! ok will ill talk to you soon. LOve ya all.!