Vance has found his hands and has them in his 
mouth every moment and has become a little drool monster!

Getting together to play baseball has been a favorite pass time for my mom's family. We spent the Labor Day Weekend in Payson. Monday we went to Rumsey park and played a couple games, my Uncle Dan brought up a bag a mitts and balls and we found Gandpa Vances old mitt. You can tell that it has played many many games. It was even restrung with wire in some places. Grandma D even got in on the action! Some of us played in flip flops some played 2 positions but it was still lots of good family fun! 


Chris Shill said...

How fun, missed it this year but hopefully next we can all go camping again and play.. I think the glove needs to go on Vances shelf in his room that would be so neat if it could be handed down to him... Payson had the best weather that weekend too.

elizabeth cullimore said...

Did you take those pictures? They look like professional stock photos! It was fun seeing you at Birdie's shower. Next time I'm in town I will need a haircut pretty badly!

Garrett & Melissa said...

It looks like your life is crazy for you and your family! You guys look so cute!!! I can not believe that you guys moved!! Did you guys sell your house?? Anyways, I hope all is well!!