Sadly, despite the fact that I have a very nice camera
 I find myself capturing so much of our lives with my iphone. 
What can I say I'm lazy! 
None the less I can't let the iphone/instagram images go unblogged! 
We did have a very wonderful Holidays! 

Our first Christmas Eve spent at home and away from family and parties. It was a freeeezing day! 
Willie assembled our Christmas gift from mom and dad Sevey. Vance and Hoyt played in the yard. 
So relaxing and nice to be together. 

Attempting to have a spiritual Christmas Eve by watching the Nativity Story. Instead Frosty the Snowman bedtime story and a wrestling match...

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds"
Christmas morning! Some happy boys and girl! 

The Drive to Mesa Christmas morning. 
Vance in his typical driving position. He loves to sleep and drive with the blanket over his head. 

Sweet Tomatoes lunch with Sevey's the day after Christmas before heading home. 
Vance loving his PaPa

DeeDee & PaPa's gift to Vance. He was in Thomas Heaven!

Grandpa Shill assembling the boys Christmas gift. 
Oscar showing Vance the art of card board boxing. 
Hoyt loving life as usual!

R&R Pizza buffet. Oscar was so excited to find it was "all you can eat"!

The gorgeous Gila Valley Red Knolls. So so beautiful. 


Lovin' some fries at the bowling alley

Oscar is such a good uncle!

New Years Eve Eve. A reception and Someburro's with the Sevey's. 
Chelsie and I drove up for the weekend for Bailey's bridal Shower. 
These two are little characters together.  

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