Oh Pinterest....you little trixie!

For a month I've been drooling over all of your decor, styles, crafts, DIY projects, photography, parties and  recipes. Eye candy that is perfectly organized at the click of a mouse. I've convinced myself that EVERYONE can do EVERYTHING. 
Fool me once shame on you... Fool me twice shame on me! Now that I've come down off this visually stimulating overload lets get together and be true to ME. 
 Thank you for inspiring me!
 I'm positive I am not a professional at anything nor do I want to be. 
I'm just a mom and wife that loves to look at pretty things (especially when they are photographed beautifully)  ...but girls do love to dream and create and apparently I am no different.

Have it known that anything clever, cute or delicious that appears on this blog most certainly came from someone else on Pinterest!

 Like THIS little artwork I did today.

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Maren and Casey McDowell said...

Oh my gosh Camie, you know whats sad and funny? I just did a blog post on pinterest, and yours completely puts into words what my post couldn't! haha btw Cute craft, you're definately professional in my book.