Trip to Mesa and hit all of our favorite spots!

Got my hair done by the lovely Kim Willis, so happy to have blonde back in my life! 

my sweet husband surprised me with these little charms of the boys initials. He had a local artist who makes custom knives for the store make them, so sweet!

Vance buddied up to this stranger his new friend at Copper Steer Steakhouse

Loves his carrier... enough to prefer sleeping in it!

First day of preschool with Miss Chantatel (Chantel). He loves school, I asked him who his friends were and he said, "my kids"! 

organizer for the boys room 


Play hard, crash hard!

Thanks Brother! 

Curiuos George

Memory/ preschool

"I'm handsome and I know it!"


Loooooong bumpy Sunday drive to Fry Mesa

Lots of snow Valentines night

mini sewing machine from Christmas white elephant prize/ need to finish these books!     


#febphotoaday = a picture a day in February!

My View Today                                          Words

Hands                                                   A stranger

10am: church                                            Dinner

Button: He pushes my buttons!               Sun: no sun for us this day

Front Door                                            Self Portrait

                                       Makes me Happy:                                      Closet 
                           Hoyt First steps 9months2days!!!                                 

Blue                                                         Heart


                                                            Where I work:my coworkers

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