So this year Willie's b day happen to fall on mothers day also Zac called from Mexico to talk to the whole fam and i'm about to burst and wasn't able to plan much for him! He got a little forgotten this year but we did manage to have a yummy dinner with the shill's @ Famous Daves, and a fun sunday of mothersday/birthday @ the shill's and sevey's. Here are some pics of his quick b day and basketball. He got lots of money and gift cards to Bass Pro & I made him a shadow box of all his mountain view state champ stuff (he saw some of his buddies had one and wanted one as well!)


Chris Shill said...

That turned out so GOOD!! all I can say is WOW!! you did an amazing job, how fun for Willie to keep all those memories in one frame, Happy Birthday Willie we Love you!!

the bakers said...

Happy Birthday Will, Uh sorry about your gift, I promise I have something I just forgot to bring it. The shadow box is so neat! Great job Camie.