BIG BEAR CALIFORNIA: fishing, marathon, bowling

Vance and I had so much fun in Big Bear with everyone, we spent our week fishing, going to the lake, watching Candon's marathon, bowling, going to the movies and best of all relaxing! We wish Willie could have come but we had a good time! The weather was in the 70's the whole time and the pine trees were fantastic! Sorry for all the photo's!

6 weeks and already such a big boy!
The fishing was fun...however no luck for any of us!

Little did I know Big Black stole his logo from the "Bowling Barn"!
Strike maybe???? Don't worry I beat everyone with a score of 180...not saying much for the others!
It was such a fun day at Camp Pendelton, it even rained a little
Candon came in 3rd in his age group

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Katie said...

Looks like such a nice time! I feel a little dumb, but I have to ask, Where is Big Bear Lake?!