So much was happening in May this year. 
Tee ball, Mothers Day, Graduation, Wilie's, Hoyts and My Birthday... AND a trip to California! 
We have been busy. 

Starting in April I have been experiencing some health trouble, rapid heart beat, tingling, pain, dizziness and near fainting. I been to the ER twice, blood work and physicals. Everything was normal except my thyroid levels were out of balance. After trying 3 different dosages my symptoms have started to fade. THANKFULLY! Mom was nice enough to come and stay for a little while and I was so glad! 

Vance caught his very first fish with Willie 
 summer hair cuts

 We've been making a point to get out and see our town and the surrounding areas. We headed up towards Morenci and Clifton and stopped to see the big trucks, big trains, bridges and big horns!

 I've been taking the kids to the public pool for their free lunch and swimming. First day and Vance and Alyx worked their way out to the deep end pulling and holding on to one another nearly drowning the two! 

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