This was our first year with an Elf on the Shelf. 
The first year I felt our boys would understand the concept. 
I grew up in a home where birthdays and holidays were always Magical! 
A lot of that magic was in part because of decorations, make believe and imagination! 
I definitely wanted that for our boys too! 

Shortly after ordering the book our Elf Cecil showed up! We read the book. However I wasn't sold on the idea. I just didn't fit to have Cecil tattling on the boys and I didn't like constant threats looming over Vance that someone was watching him.  That Santa would pass "judgement" on him if he made a wrong choice. I want my boys to make right choices whether or not anyone is "watching"!  I came across a great pin on Pinterest about linking Santa, The Elf, Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.  I then adapted it to fit our families beliefs and be age appropriate to our boys. Vance is LOVING waking up each morning to see his new friend and the adventures he had while he was sleeping!

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