Possibly the least romantic day EVER!

Well  times are rough these days so we decided to just have a relaxed anniversary an not spend a lot of money. Well as the month boiled down to the 29th we still didn't know what we wanted to do to celebrate so we thought well we can go for a drive 
to Flagstaff     have dinner and come home. 
We always really enjoy drives together and cool weather.  So we stopped by my parents house before we left and my dad said they were headed up there as well to look @ a Prius and asked if we would take them up to save gas and so my mom wouldn't have to drive home alone if they bought it. We figured well since we already have the baby with its not like this is a romantic get away so sure, besides mom and dad are always good company.  Once wegot there they looked at the car and  decided to purchase it so we drove them to the bank. They decided to take Vance for us so we could go to dinner alone. 
After much indecision we settled on  Garden.... the bread was stale and cold and the dinner was mediocre. Willie was complaining of chest pain from indigestion so the majority of the conversation was spent diagnosing his problem.  After a terrible dinner we were still trying to hang in there and take the high road by saying "it's ok as long as we're together.... we are having a good time...etc". With no thoughts of what else to do we just started home. Half way home from payson after me warning him several times Willie got pulled over for speeding!
   His first ticket EVER! after the officer pulled away and we headed home we both looked at each other and started laughing and basically concluded this has been our worst anniversary yet and hope it will be the worst to come! I was soooo angry we could have gone to a nice nice dinner for the amount he has to pay for the ticket! By this time we were both laughing and both admitting this was a TERRIBLE day! Maybe this weekend we can make up for it! Either way I love him he loves me and we are happy to be married 3 years and know for a fact that we don't need dinner, roses and gifts to have a happy marriage!


Kim said...

Sorry it wasn't the best day but I agree with you. You don't need dinner, roses and gifts to have a happy marriage. Well put Camie! Enjoy this next year together. Oh and tell Willie to go to traffic school, so the ticket doesn't go on your record. The class is only 4 hours now and you don't have to take a test any more.

Chris Shill said...

Your right Camie you don't need all the other things, its the time you spend together and the moments that you have to talk and laugh..those are pricelss everything else dies (flowers) and the rest down the toilete! ha glad you guys got to spend some time together drives are the best, sorry about the ticket.. Happy Aniversery!

shillibeans said...

I am sorry. We have definately been there and done that. It stinks to be poor, but I guess we are creating memories or something. Right? Anyway, I hope you had a relaxing weekend to make up for it. I can't believe that it has been three years since your amazing wedding. It really was a beautiful day.