I decided to document my day with my camera phone. 
I thought I would show my day to day through pictures. 
ALTHOUGH... this is my typical day a bit more went on then the norm. 
Does this look familiar at all?


Wake up to these handsome boys. 
Yes Vance should be sleeping in his bed at this age (which he does)
 but I cant help it those lips and soft cheeks...

Shower, dress, makeup, medication. 
It has to get done in that early morning golden hour or it will never happen. 

Load some laundry which will continue the rest of the day.
 Clean up the read crystal light Vance spilled on the carpet.
 Find a rotten sippy cup under the seat in the car. So that's why the car smelled? hmmm

Load Vance and my Nephew Jaxson ( whom I watch 4 days a week) in the car and drive to gilbert to meet up with my sister Chelsie and niece Alyx at their house.
We then walk to Freestone Park together, play on the playground and then come 
back to her place for a swim. By then the kids are nice and worn out for naps!

 Then lunch, nap time, load the dishwasher (yes all our dishes are now plastic and neon), 
clean the house, load/fold the laundry again,
 work in the office on photos, bills, online banking, blogging, FB.
Put together a small gift and thought for my visiting teaching. 
 Wake up from naps. 
Wait for Jaxson to be picked up.
Straighten the front room AGAIN.

Head to the big "W". 
Hand Vance a treat to keep him quiet while shopping.
Find that the swim gear is clearance and make a big mistake by putting a pool noodle in the cart.
Vance proceeds to hit me in the head and face with it while pushing the cart. 
By the time I have what's on my list it feels like i've circled the store 10 times. 
The treats are out. Time to go! 
Load  Vance in the car as well as groceries. 
He cries because of course he NEEDS the noodle on his  lap in the car.
By now I'm sweeting beads and just want to get home and take a cold shower. 

 Vance settles in to his favorite spot in the ottoman. 
Prepare dinner so it's ready to start when Will gets home. 
M.I.L. (Chris) comes to get her hair done

While doing M.I.L. hair I hear Vance in the bathroom splashing water.
 I find him dipping his pullup in the toilet and poop smeared all over the floor. 
Stop doing hair.   

Said M.I.L is still sitting in the hair chair while I clean up child and bathroom. 
Finish doing hair then clean up hair. 
While sweeping, the metal shelf that my husband half A** hung on the wall 
with plastic push pins falls...the corner hits my bare foot that I was preparing to pedicure
 and rips the skin on the side of my toe OFF! 
I quickly flap it back over. 
 Husband walks through the door from work and is wondering what is going on...
 all he gets is a look. 

Proceed to make dinner. Enjoy a movie with my boys. 
Try to milk some sympathy about the toe and the bad hang job out of Willie. 
It doesn't work. 
Which later he will say because he felt soooo guilty. Hmmmm.
a shower, alone time, say prayers, lay in bed and go to sleep:) 
Before it starts again. 


I may have left out a few details but you get the idea.
And YES I do still love my life!


Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

what a day, should of come another day, had to pick up Hallie from VB, told ya i would be running late, but left you some money to eat out so you wouldn't have to fix dinner, was nice to sit and visit and get my hair done before my trip. thanks


Wow! What a cute post! Your poor toe though. Dinner was fun tonight! Can't wait for our date night next week too!

Kristy said...

Do you do coupon sense? I'm very intrigued by your grocery list. Looks like something I have been looking for. Did you make it or find it online?

Chris's hair looks great! Lucky her for getting pampered...she definitely deserves it!!

willie and camie shill said...

hey kristy i doesnt have anything to do with coupons but it does give you a weekly meal plan designed for your preference and place you shop and then gives you a list of what to purchase to make those meals and exactly how much it will cost. I was just getting bored of the 3 meals i make! it is called e-mealz.com

The Heaps said...

Wow! What a day! This was a fun post though....I need to come see you again!