Although Vance knows who Santa, is his interest in him is still subtle.  What he IS interested in this year are trains, trains, trains. My mom let him take home a small wooden train she got in New Zealand and he is obsessed! He eats with it, sleeps with it, wants to bathe with it. It goes to church, the car... you get the idea. We nearly missed our turn with Santa because we couldn't pull him away from the giant train set and village that bass pro shop lets the kids play with. Soooo. When Willie walked him up to Santa he said tell him what you want, and he  quietly had his finger pointed at the train the entire time! Thankfully we got him to look at the camera for a split second, then off of Santa's lap and back to driving the train. Sure hope Santa brings him a train set this year!

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Adam is obsessed with trains too! He sleeps with his Thomas train and always says Choo Choo. His second favorite is his skateboard we just got him.