After moving so many times I feel as though I could make a cardboard box a home. This house is just the shell that holds our little family and our memories. We've made so many here and in all of our homes. I've made the mistake in the past of not photographing each house as it was. When I come across the few photos I do have, so many memories come back. We have loved our first house here in Thatcher. Our house is small. Very small. However,  it's character and little details make me happy. 

Each time I pass these kitchen shelves, or cook on this vintage stove, or stare out the window washing dishes and see these tiny succulents growing in the window sill, I smile. Even the blue wall that I thought would never grow on me has become one of my favorite colors in the house. Although I am anxious to settle into a larger house eventually this house is our home till then. 

Since doing this post and pictures I am working on redoing the living room, 
boys bedroom with bunk beds and finishing our bedroom.

  I love new jobs, towns, houses, even hairstyles because they make a notch in my mind so I can recall the times of our life and the memories that go with it. Hopefully these photos will help me recall some of these sweet memories in the future!

The Kitchen

 Mom tediously helped me do these chevron stripes and gave me these yellow bowls for easter. 
Chris gave me these dotted bowls that I love so much for my birthday.



I love hyndrengeas so much I wish I could grow some in this arizona heat. 
I found this vintage burner cover in some things my Grandma Sevey had at a yard sale.
I've opened up the table with it's leaves now that Hoyt is a big boy and can sit at the table. 

Thank you Willie for donating one of your antlers. 
I'm glad we could reach an agreement on mounting animals in our home!
(someday you will have a den and you are welcome to mount them all)



These are used. Daily.

Boys Room

I just used what I had from their previous nursery's. I am really missing our first homes wood floors, and wainscoting walls.... pitfalls to renting I guess. I opted to not paint their room as well to avoid having to paint when we leave. I love love love the song Give Said The Little Stream. One of my favorite quotes for the boys is, "I'm small I know, but wherever I go the grass grows greener still." They definitely make my life "greener"! Their next room is planned to be a little more masculine. 

I am so lucky to have of some tender possessions passed down from my Grandpa Davenport whose name was Vance as well.  I love to display them in Vance's room. I also love this photo of Grandpa (middle) and his friends. All american boys growing up in the 40's. As well as Willie's baby cowboy boots!
Some of our favorite books. 

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