This seems to be my motto these days!

Willie and I have been maintaining this wonderful little "bubble" life for so long. However the last month life has handed our little family some bumps.  Some of these bumps were outside of our control some within our control and some we were only bystanders. It seems as though when one new bump would crop up the next one would pale in comparison to the one prior.
Putting the lesser bumps into perspective.

At first I was overwhelmed.... 
"What!?  I love my "bubble" life! Lets go back!" 
Although, as life usually goes we used these times to gain strength, to grow, to build our testimonies,  
gain perspective and evaluate what matters most in life and then focused on those things. 
So "I think I can..." appreciate these bumps because the reality is we can't always live in our
 "happy bubble" we can try, but then there would be no room for growth. 

Truth is I am a lucky lucky girl! Here are a few reasons why.

An AMAZING husband who has stepped up more then I even knew he could...
Who has taken care of Me and Vance and our home
and literally does everything while I alternate throwing up, taking a bath and laying in bed. 

My loving, caring, wise parents... an angel Mother.

A sweet  boy that keeps me company all day and is always good for a little hug.

The blessing to have a new baby join our family, sickness and all it is a HUGE gift!

Genuine friendships.



You can! You can! Hopefully the rx for the vomiting will help! Can't wait to see you!

bailey michael said...

Go Cam!! I hope you start feeling better. Sounds like youve got it all figured out so I don't need to say anything. thanks for that post!

Cj Lisa and Piper said...

loved your post. love you! hope all is well and
that you start feeling better soon. we miss you guys
and can't wait to see you for some of grandma
princes chilli!!!