My little lion.  
Uncle Oscar (8yrs.) wore this when for Halloween when he was Vances age. 
I can't believe how time flies.
We had a very relaxed Halloween... (we didn't go trick or treating!) Don't tell Vance!
Don't worry he got his fill of candy and fun. 
A trunk or treat. A family picnic and 2 Weeks of wearing costumes.



Megan and Jordan said...

He makes one adorable lion! Mom told me how sick you've been - poor thing. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Chris and Heather said...

I remember Oscar the Lion! Way fun. Ditto on Meg's well wishes. Tell baby to be nice to mama!


He is too cute! What a great costume! That was sweet of Oscar to share (Adam used Carter's old costume). We miss you guys!

Garrett and Melissa Farmer said...

What a cute guy! I love the costume. I especially like reusing costumes, it makes it easy on my pocket book :).