ready for bed, watching "aspicable" and wishing daddy was here! brothers

quick trip to mt. graham. it was a picnic kind of sunday afternoon 
FINALLY a minute to run some errands ...by my self! 
Tooooo tired! 

Got Vance a watch just like daddy's. I found it hanging next to dad's in his spot! 

waiting patiently for willie to come home from a long week in mesa. 
"So glad he is home! I had to raise the bar and cook a "real " meal after staying at his moms he is officially ruined... "dang you Christine!" love ya tho thanks for treating him so special :) Ceaser salad, creamy parmesan crusted chicken and oatmeal rolo cookies. 

preschool orientation and date with doogie! 

breaking in his soccer shoes. hoyt was the goalie

working on our legacy binder 

dollar store gem. true artist stick their tongues out! 

our baby, Sonic the hedgehog
what being a kid is all about! 

First soccer game ever #2 rocked his purple uniform today and scored two goals.. for the other team! Does this mean I need a minivan now? hmmmm soccer mom 

thank you for the weeds sweet boy! 

He doesn't need to know how to read to enjoy his sunday newspaper. 

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