water baby
Working on his fitness.
"Tuesdays arms and back."
 "I don't know if you heard me counting. I did over a thousand. " 

We spent a week (again) at Phoenix Childrens Hospital in ICU. Hoyt contracted a terrible virus. Poor little angel officially hates Doctors and Nurses. 
Made me cry to see my baby put in an ambulance. Also the 3 and half hour ambulance ride made me WANT to cry!

little cherub, sweetest angel

Long hospital days....
watched the haboob blanket the city from our window
much better! 

Vance has become Dr. doolittle. A squirrel and a frog all in  one week. 

Turned around from the computer to look at what vance said he found outside, jumped at the sight of him dangling this baby squirrel by the tail one inch from my  face. "i found a lil' baby squirrel mom!" we set him free and Vance had a shower. 

Morenci Mine Scenic View
 Love our beautiful town soooooooo much! 

quick sunday drive to New Mexico. Ghost towns and lots and lots of dust devils. 

mom took Vance for the weekend and hoyt was asleep and i got some much needed down time! 

little race car drivers 

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