This is the year Vance decided what HE wanted to be for Halloween. 
A NEWSIE is not what he chose. 
I could not believe how clever I was using what we had around the house and $4 worth of material and socks to make these outfits. I was so proud of myself!
 I was dying over how cute they both looked in them! Then I showed it to Vance. 
"What's a Neeeeewsie?"
I begged, talked it up, showed the movie trailer, told him it was cool.
"I don't want to be a newsie I want to be a super hero!!!"
Ok. Ok Vance you win. You can be a super hero like last year.... but not before I get some photo's!!!
Thank goodness Hoytie doesn't know any better yet. 

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N + C Zeigler said...

haha hoyt looks like he belongs in that time period in the pic he has his hand in his mouth!