WOW! What a reunion! We have always been a tight group. Growing up our "cuz's" were our best friends. As we have all started our own families it has become harder and harder to get together. It was time for a camp out and this was nothing shy of an amazing 3 days! Sooooo much hard work was put in to make it special. Thank you to everyone! We have a beautiful loving family with so many talented, intelligent, motivated amazing people. It's amazing when you surround yourself with your family members how sure of your self you become and that you are loved that you are a special part of something larger then your own life and that you come from a great genealogy!

Our first family pic since our new additions, Jordan & Jaxson not including Chase on his mission.
All of the girl cousins & Jordans first ever "sister pic" since she is an only child..not anymore!
And YeS we all look fabulous after 3 days of camping and rain!

Willie loves this little guy and Vance loves his big daddy and they especially LOVE camping!

The days were beautiful as the Rim usually is. Cool air and amazing skies. 
We had a little rain, just enough to make the forest smell fresh. 

Some Favorites of the trip were Mom & Dad bringing our favorite California Taco shop to us! We even got the boys to wear their hats! The babies playing together and running-a-muck, Adam (mandy's little guy) was to tired to get in the shot but as the oldest he showed the little ones the ropes. Willie and co. bet on archery targets in the form of thirst busters. Vance pushed Alyx's pink stroller around all day...Not Willie's proudest moment.  Bill Taxied Grandma back a forth each day as she is still recovering from spinal surgery and they loved being a part of all the action. Grandma loves all her babies and still attempts to pick them up (with a mending broken back) even though we threaten her to stop!

Willie brought the Brazilian Hammock and it was a dream! The little boys had some "push and shoves"  but loved the freedom of camping. 

Dave rigged up a zip line that became the center of our entertainment. As willie loves to harass Dallin on  a regular basis this trip was no different. He Decided to not only throw pine cones at him on the way down but to drag him back up the line, tie him to a tree and leave him dangling.

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Malissa Cordova said...

I love the littles matching shirts! This is so fun that most of your fam goes! What fun and special memories!! And how great that you were to document it and take a group photo! I love it!