OK. We are in the midst of potty training.
                  I know 25 months is a little early but had some other reasons to do it this soon. To do it again I would wait closer to 3. Lets just say the first week I went no where, did nothing and spent most of the day on my knees cleaning the floor or doing laundry. We purchased M&M's as a "reward" and by the end of the first day that little bag of chocolate was gone, however not because Vance was getting rewarded.
I'll skip over all the dirty details and make a REALLY LONG story short...
We have had LOTS of success with #1 and a little with #2,  all in all he can and does go on 
the the big potty and thinks he is so cool when he does and he can go the entire night and stay dry.
AND lets be honest little boys are soooo cute in underoos! I especially love the boxer briefs. 

-side note the boots are not part of the protocol
 but HE thought they went nicely with briefs.


The Heaps said...

Love this! I think the boots go nicely with the get up as well. And yes, boy are particularly cute in the little undies. Good job Camie! It's a tough job, but alas, it must be done! I am starting Hayden in a week!! yikes!

Malissa Cordova said...

He looks real handsome in his unders!! I love when they start wearing the underwears...their little buns are too cute!! And I especially love the boots! By 2 years old, I am so over changing poopy diapers...so I try and do it right around then! But once it's done and they got it done..life is so blissful!! Til the next kid comes along! lol

The Fuller Family said...

What a stud. He is so freakin cute. Im not excited when I have to potty train.