Willie had this Thursday off and REALLY wanted to go archery deer hunting.... And since he didn't have any buddies that could go with him mid-week he invited Vance and I to come along. Wise husband indeed; after a few conversations about how bored we have been stuck in the house with the hot weather and being sick and tired of our regular routine he got the hint! 

Im so glad he did. We got up early this morning ( 3a.m.) and headed north towards the rim to an area called Valentine Canyon/Ridge. I've never seen a more beautiful sunrise, more beautiful wildflowers or a more beautiful little green valley... well at least not all in one day! I really do love the rim! When I see these amazing parts of our state I remember AZ is spectacular! The weather was amazing and vance loved sitting up front on the dirt roads with his head out the window. We saw tons of elk, A dear & some coyotes. No deer killing this time. (thank goodness) it may have ruined my peaceful day! Thanks Willie for letting me indulge in the great outdoors and for taking your little fam along with you!

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