One week to go and I finally got the urge to start "nesting". I was prepared for Vance for over a month before he came.  I guess that is the beauty of a scheduled C section this time:) I got his tiny clothes out of the wash after washing them in the baby detergent and all the feelings of having a newborn instantly came back and I am getting so excited! While folding Hoyt's clothes Vance thought it would be fun to try some of them on. I wanted to stop him to keep him from stretching out the tiny pants... but I grabbed my camera instead. He got so frustrated trying to fit the socks over his now toddler feet. I had a  little moment (remember I'm pregnant) realizing he's my big boy now never to go back to my little baby. I spent 20 seconds being sad about it and now I'm good and soooo excited for Hoyt to arrive. We cleaned the house, made his bed, organized and washed all his fun baby stuff, packed our bag and painted my nails. Now to just wrap up this week of photos, hair clients, doctor appointments, Willie's birthday, pedicure and coloring my hair... next thing I know he will be HERE! 

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Little did you know baby Hoyt would come the day after Mother's Day! Glad you are prepared! Can't wait to meet him! Good luck- love you!